Sahaja Yoga

In English

Sahaja Yoga is a simple meditation technique, which helps us to find balance in our life on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It is based on the experience of Self-Realization, which brings us to the state of thoughtless awareness or mental silence. With regular practice of meditation, it is possible to establish this state within us.

Sahaja Yoga meditation course in English takes place in the Helsinki Sahaja Yoga Center, Salomonkatu 19 (inner courtyard, entrance on the right side of the Indian restaurant, follow the signs on the walls – see the map or the video. It is only a few minutes’ walk from the Kamppi metro station.

The course runs on Tuesdays at 18-19.30 

Schedule for 2019:
Starting from Tue 8.1.2019 until Tue 28.5.2019
(Tue 28.5.2019 no course on May Day eve)
Summer break
Starting from Tue 13.8.2019 until Tue 17.12.2019
Christmas and new year break

Newcomers as well as more advanced ones can join at any time. The course is free of charge and you can just show up. You can also call Tereza (tel 041 7207 783) or send us an e-mail and ask anything about it.

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Nain loydät Kampin Sahaja jooga -keskuksen / Find the Kamppi Sahaja Yoga Center from Sahaja Jooga on Vimeo.

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